Wastewater treatment by Microstations

Wastewater treatment by Micro stations.

What water should be purified?

Our facilities are designed to treat all wastewater from the house, “black” water (toilets) and gray water (bathroom, kitchen, washing machine).
For proper operation of water treatment, we can not add rain water in plants because it would dilute the stations processing power.

What products can not be released into the facility?

You can not use harmful products in the system.
Harmful products such as antibiotics, bleach, solvents, degreasers (white spirit), etc …

Septic tanks

Septic tank (FSTE).

What size for a FSTE?

Determining the volume of a FSTE depending on the number of users. However, we prefer to rely on the surface of a home rather than on the number of inhabitants as a house or apartment can change ownership and thereby the number of occupants.

These calculations used to size a minimum volume. A pit larger capacity enables longer retention, so a better separation. The calculations take a minimum of one day retention, ideally the water residence time is between 5 and 10 days.

For a 1500 liter tank, it takes 600 liters / Eq. H to pit it takes 3,000 liters to 450 liters / Eq.H.

How many compartments must have a septic tank?

Septic PACA Sanitation have a compartment. Tests have shown that pits a compartment reach better results.

There is a minimum of turbulence in the septic tank compartment.

Lifting pump station

What parameters are needed to determine the type of pump?

To determine the most suitable installation, the following parameters are required:

  • LThe geometric discharge height
  • The length of the discharge pipe
  • The nature of the effluent to repress (rainwater, wastewater, toilet water, etc.)
  • An installation to one or two pumps.

On request, we can send you a questionnaire for encryption by us.

Water storage

Why use rainwater?

More economical
The price of water has increased and is now more financially advantageous to use rainwater for some household chores. This can save about 50% of your water bill for the average family.

More environmentally friendly
We should care for nature. PACA Environnement would help collect rainwater and reuse groundwater saves this valuable asset.

Unlike tap water, rain water contains no lime.

Multi-purpose storage

How to extend the life of the tank?

UV rays still cause premature aging of the EP.

This can be avoided by installing the tank indoors.

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